Contact Lens Dos and Don’ts

Do wash your hands before putting your lenses in or taking them out. Bar soaps without perfumes, creams or deodorants are best.

Do disinfect your lenses every night. Bacteria grow on the surface of contact lenses.

Do keep a pair of current prescription eyeglasses handy. If you have difficulty wearing your lenses due to illness or other reasons, you will want to be able to drive, work or go to school and not have your routine disrupted.

Do wear sunglasses. You will be sensitive to sunlight when you wear contact lenses. A pair of good quality sunglasses will keep dust and dirt out of your eyes and a smile on your face.

Do wear hypoallergenic, water-based makeup. Other kinds don’t dissolve in tears, so they can be trapped under your lenses or leave oily deposits.

Do come in for your yearly check-up to ensure long and healthy contact lens wear.

Don’t swim while wearing your contact lenses. Soft lenses absorb the water and collect bacteria. Gas permeable contact lenses can easily be washed away.

Don’t switch brands of solution. Cross branding can cause preservative interactions and can result in your developing intolerance to your lenses.

Don’t clean your lenses with water. Bacteria can grow and cause infection.

Don’t sleep with your contact lenses in your eyes. Lenses can stick to your cornea and can cause your cornea to become injured.