When a large cash layout is inconvenient, why not consider an M-LEND Financial low interest monthly payment plan:

  • There are never any costs to apply.

  • Interest will be comparable or lower than most credit cards and it will remain fixed for the term you select.

  • Applying is easy. Fax their simple, one page form (or call them on the phone, it only takes minutes) and you can have your check tomorrow.

  • They can help you finance from $2000 and higher.

  • You can choose a monthly payment that fits your budget, from 36 to 60 months.

  • You can pay off your balance at any time without a penalty.

  • Existing credit cards can remain available for emergency or other discretionary spending.

Call for More Details

Don’t needlessly delay your treatment or “dip” into important savings. Call M-Lend today for more details at 1-888-474-6231 x 129

Apply Online

If you don’t want to call, try their easy, “secured” online application at

Medical Flex-Spending Accounts Through Your Employer

This is a great way to use pre-tax dollars without paying interest! You must sign up for the projected dollar amount for your Laser Vision Correction during your employers annual open enrollment period, which is normally in the fall. Ask your employer and then call to schedule a preliminary consultation and exam with us!