Laser Vision Correction


LASIK - Laser Eye Surgery


What Is Refractive Surgery?
LASIK - Laser Eye Surgery

The Eye Care Center, in historic Canandaigua, is recognized as the premier eye care provider in the area for our dedication to excellence. Dr. Hwang, one of two refractive surgeon’s at the Eye Care Center, is highly trained in a number of laser vision correction procedures. Dr. Hindman, who specializes in the cornea, is also highly experienced in assisting patients with their refractive needs. Together Dr. Hwang and Dr. Hindman work together to deliver premium results. Laser Vision Correction has helped millions of Americans reduce their dependence on glasses and contact lenses.


The Eye Care Center was the first ophthalmology practice in the tri-county area to have an on-site excimer laser. Both surgeons use the VISX Starr 4 Excimer Laser with Iris Registration recognition technology to treat patients who are nearsighted, farsighted and / or with astigmatism for optimum results. This technology has proven reliable in the thousands of patients successfully treated at the Eye Care Center. Using this technology in conjunction with the VICTUS Femtosecond platform allows the Eye Care Center to offer patients the latest technology for the best results.


When you come to The Eye Care Center for laser vision correction you will see a team of familiar faces. The same team works with both Dr. Hwang and Dr. Hindman to ensure the best possible continuity of care. Dr. Hwang, Dr. Hindman, and our highly trained LVC team are ready to help you choose the option that’s best suited to your vision concerns. The refractive team remains available to you for questions or concerns throughout the entire process!