Anyone who spends extended periods of time staring at a computer monitor knows the toll it can take on the eyes. In fact, as little as one hour of focusing intensely on a screen can result in eye strain that leads to fatigue, headaches, and additional problems. Ignoring the problem won’t make eye strain go away on its own, and it can actually lead to more serious eye problems.         

If you’ve noticed that it’s become increasingly difficult to focus on your screens, regardless of whether it’s your phone, laptop, or home computer, you’re not alone. Millions of individuals deal with it every day without ever realizing what’s needed to help prevent digital eye strain. Here are a few things your can do right now to help make things more visually comfortable.   

Adjust Your Lighting, Screen Position, and Display Settings

Whether it’s working, gaming, or browsing the internet, it’s easy to overlook the importance of interior lighting, display settings, and screen position. However, all three play a vital role in how hard the eyes need to work in order to focus. Monitors should be positioned in a manner that has you looking straight ahead, without tilting your head up or down too sharply. Your room’s lighting should be bright enough to prevent squinting. Many people also find that increasing their monitor’s contrast and lowering the color temperature puts less strain on the eyes.  

Take Frequent Breaks and Don’t Forget to Blink

Once you begin paying attention to your screen-time habits, you’ll notice how easy it is to lose track of time, and how little you actually blink while focusing. Still, both are incredibly important if you want to reduce the amount of strain that’s placed on your eyes. If you’re the type who gets caught up in work, chats, or online games, get in the habit of taking scheduled breaks to give your eyes some much-needed rest. Be conscious of your blinking, and consider using moisturizing drops to help keep your eyes moist and clean.    

Have Your Eyes Checked Regularly  

People often spend time squinting and straining before coming to the realization that they might need glasses or contacts. For some, a pair of basic reading glasses can help immensely. Either way, having an annual eye exam is one of the best ways to determine exactly what you need to see better and reduce eye strain.   

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