All locations are open every weekday. Please come in alone, at your actual appointment time (unless you need help).
Masks are mandatory in the building & during exam. If you are a current patient and have an emergency, doctors are available 24/7. Simply call 585-394-2020.

Barbara - Oct 21, 2020

After being frustrated with my longtime eye center located nearby, who were not answering phone calls and were not able to even see me to order new glasses for several weeks, I drove down Pre-Emption Rd. and stopped in at The Eye Care Center. They immediately were able to talk with me, obtain a prescription from my eye doctor, and help me choose new glasses. In less than a week I have my new glasses and couldn't be more happy with them! I have already recommended the Eye Care Center to a friend: professional, expeditious, and friendly!

Deb W - Oct 21, 2020

Got me right in. Very happy !!!

Kim Schwind - Aug 6, 2020

I had an issue over the weekend of significant eye pain. Dr. Piper answered my urgent care call on Saturday. I continued to have an issue so Sunday she met me at the practice and provided additional care and assurance that my problem should resolve shortly. Thank you for taking the time to reduce my anxiety and provide that additional care.

Sarah Lambert - Aug 6, 2020

Dr. Dugo is everything you want in a physician. She takes the time to answer any questions and thoroughly explains any findings while speaking to you as a fellow human. The technicians and receptionists in this office are also wonderful, everyone is so polite and professional. My husband was having vision problems that resulted in a more complicated medical diagnosis and Dr. Dugo took the time to follow up with his primary care physician and make sure he was seen promptly. I even took my 5 year old to see her and she spoke to him as a human being and set all his nerves at ease! I would give this office 10 stars if I could! Also, I love Joy!!!

Judy White - Aug 6, 2020

I have been going to this office for over 20 years. Today, the atmosphere continued to be absolutely professional, but there was a lighter side to it. Smiles, slight joking, laughter, yet maintaining their professional demeanor and care....always! It was certainly a refreshing experience, especially after being locked down for 2.5 months, and people just being scared and afraid...making them prickly. Thank you for a wonderful eye care experience today! Keep up the great work!

Jerry hooven - Aug 6, 2020

I have not had a full field of vision for a long time. Drooping eyelids caused me to consistently tilt my head upward in order to see. To make matters worse I 'looked' tired and inattentive. Dr Rothstein and her team would quickly resolve these problems for me. They obtained insurance approval and corrected my drooping eyelid/vision problem with a quick, gentle laser assisted surgery. I had very minor bruising and a perfect outcome. I am sure this is because of Dr Rothstein's expertise and gentle touch. I have used The Eye Care Center in the past for cornea transplants and had an identical positive experience with Dr. Hindman. I highly recommend The Eye Care Center and Drs. Rothstein and Hindman and trust you will have the same positive experiences as me. When it comes to your vision only the best is acceptable and the Eye Care Center is the best.

Linda Collins - Aug 4, 2020

Doctor Hwang and Doctor Bolton are expert eye doctors who not only know what to do when a patient has an eye disease but how to present it to the patient in a kind,factual way so that the patient feels confident that the problem will be alleviated as quickly and painlessly as possible. I am very pleased with the outcome due to the treatment of my eye problem. Thank you to these wonderful doctors.

Tom Scott - Apr 23, 2020

Staff is Professional & friendly. Dr. Hwang is the consummate pro - a miracle worker. Thanks to the entire team. Entire experience could not have been better.

Philip & Jaleen Burkholder - Apr 23, 2020

Friendly and respectful staff, and excellent at explaining their procedures. Even my one-year-old was welcome here! (What mom doesn't fall for that?:) Highly recommend!

Susan Martin - Apr 23, 2020

I was recently in for chronic eye discomfort. Dr. Dugo was so reassuring and helpful. Love this place. Love the techs. Love the compassionate atmosphere.

Lynn Witmer - Apr 23, 2020

This was the most thorough eye exam I have ever had. All in a professional, caring environment. My wife and I were very impressed with the staff at the Geneva Eye Care Center.

Larry Martin - Apr 23, 2020

My wife and I had our first appointment here a few weeks ago. We were super impressed with the friendly, welcoming atmosphere, and the competent, compassionate care we received from the staff and doctor. We would recommend this place to anyone. Thank you, Geneva Eye Care Center!

Sally Leeson - Apr 23, 2020

I would like to commend and thank Deneil who works with Dr Hindman for her tireless efforts on behalf of my dad. She helped us traverse the "dark world" of insurance denials and appeal. Because of her, my dad who is 91, will continue to have what he needs for eye drops. Thank you Dr Hindman and thank you Deneil! You certainly put the "Care" in Eye Care Center!

Dennis DeBlaere - Apr 23, 2020

My wife and I have been coming here for years. Great service and people. Special thanks to Chris Sullivan who is friendly, professional, and goes the distance for customers visiting the Optical shop. She is AAA plus!

Brendan Brady - Apr 23, 2020

Top notch staff and physicians. Friendly, high quality service.

Dan Kusnetzky - Apr 23, 2020

Production line medicine at its best.


This was my first visit to The Eyecare Center is Geneva, NY. It was a great experience. The staff is wonderful. Everyone made me feel very comfortable. I am normally a big chicken when it comes to an eye exam. However, if I would of gone the this facility a long time ago. there would of been nothing to be scared of. I will and have recommended this facility already. Thank you to the fantastic team at The Eyecare Center in Geneva , NY. !!!

Joy Martin - Jan 8, 2020

It's great to be a patient at the Eye Care Center. Dr. Hindman is excellent and the entire office is staffed w wonderful people.

Carleen Mull Geneva, NY - Nov 7, 2019

I have recently moved my family from a private eye doctor to The Eye Care Center. I have to be honest and say that it has taken us awhile to adjust; we are used to a very small office with only one doctor and very personal service. However recently, my daughter, who is attending college away from the area, had a problem with her contacts. The Eye Care Center went above and beyond to remedy the problem and we are very grateful. Great customer service!
Dr. Dugo and her assistant Joy were both wonderful. My exam was thorough and I felt like I was "in good hands."

Evelyn Sauder Geneva, NY - Nov 7, 2019

That staff at the Eye Care Center was amazing. I was impressed how they catered to my children. They made the visit painless.